1 year of success

Our Story

Keeping up with the latest technological advances and solutions is critical in today's increasingly technology-driven environment. If you want to get the most out of your money and keep your business growing. We can provide you with the cost-effective support, guidance, and inspiration you need to give your company a competitive advantage, whether you're new to working with an IT partner or have been doing so for years. " Nexis LTD " has evolved into an advanced solutions provider all throughout years, emphasizing client service and producing value through long-term relationships. "


The Talented People Behind the Scenes of the Organization


Istiak Hassan Emon

Managing Director


Nahidujjaman Hridoy

Sr. Backend Engineer


Md. Abu Naser Rifat

Frontend Engineer


Momen tohin

Backend Engineer


Samira Binte Hamid

UI/UX Designer


MD. Awlad

Junior Frontend Developer

Company Growth

Nexis's Team believes that innovation, creativity, and expertise are the keys to long-term success. In addition, we believe in serving our customers with respect. Honesty, integrity, and ethical business methods are important to us. We are the link that connects people, technology, and business.

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